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I’m not sure this topic has anything to do with Narcissism per se, but it has been on my mind for a few weeks. When something stays on my mind, I know it’s time to write about it.

So, when is understanding and acceptance like being hit over the head with a blunt object?

I think there is a misunderstanding in the minds of a lot of people [particularity the Narcissist] when it comes to understanding and acceptance. We all know the kind of acceptance that involves existing facts. For example, we all accept that the sun comes up every morning. When a friend is ill or a loved one is hurt, we all accept that it is sad for them or painful. They will need help and nurturing.

Narcissism is an epidemic in our culture today.  You witness it when you experience the driver who executes a lane change at high speed that is a near miss which leaves your heart racing.  There are less threatening examples that we witness everyday and, because we have become anesthetized to the unconsciousness behavior of people who walk among us daily, we tend to shrug out shoulders and move on with our business.

For those of us who have experienced a Narcisstic encounter up close and personal, we begin to notice the little things.  I believe that I’ve written a post in the past about “flags” that are set upon certain behaviors like not answering direct questions directly or failing to acknowledge that a question has been asked.  Although I can use my Narcissistic Radar detector to back away from personal relationships pretty adeptly, it is more difficult to step away from Narcissists in a business situation.

My dear friend, McKenna, has agreed to become a guest blogger and co-administrator at The Legendary Narcissist.  I’m truly excited about this!  She helped me navigate through the devastating experience of dealing with a narcissistic relationship and, although she never told me what to do, she guided me to the right decisions. 

McKenna is an accomplished Astrologer with 20 years of experience.  She is also an accomplished writer and an understanding friend whose wisdom I know all of you will come to appreciate.

In the past, The Legendary Narcissist has been skewed towards handling the after effects of being in a romantic relationship with a Narcissist.  While this is still an important topic to explore, McKenna and I hope to widen the scope of content to help people who are dealing with Narcissistic parents, co-workers, and friends.