We have a new author on our site.  Her name is Dragon Heart.

She and I met in another circle.  When she saw The Legendary Narcissist site, she wanted to be a part of it so she could contribute her knowledge about Narcissists and work with me to make this site a better resource for you.

The topic of narcissism ranges well beyond the experiences that I’m able to share with you.  I can talk with you about narcissistic partners and narcissistic employers, but I can’t tell you what it was like or what I learned from having a parent who was a narcissist.  Dragon Heart has had this experience, as well as others, and I’m grateful that she wants to help me help you.  🙂

She got here with some blog posts before I made the announcement.  She has many more stories and observations to share with you.  She and I are also working out some other ways in which we can help you, so stay tuned!

Welcome, Dragon Heart!