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It was suggested to me by a friend that writing this post would be ‘cathartic’ for me.  I am not sure I agree, but ‘friend’ is not a word I use lightly, and so as friends go, so goes my nation.  I’m not even sure that my narcissist is a narcissist, as opposed to your average garden variety sociopath.  I know my friend thinks that my getting this out will help me to deal with the ‘hurt,’ but I’ve written it before, and the few people who have actually been privileged enough to read the story have even served as the vindication I craved.  But it didn’t ease the hurt, and it didn’t stop it either.

Only a victim of Narcissistic abuse could ever relate to this title. Most people seemed shocked by it. But those of us who have been through it – well, we might even laugh because we can relate.

It seems almost blasphemous to even think such a negative thought – OMG, watch the horrible look on people’s face if you dare say it in public.

But that’s how I feel.

Family – the one I grew up in or the one I married in later – did not fit the all-American illusion of happy times and togetherness.

Holidays seemed to bring out the worst in everyone and always kicked in my depression. Sometimes I didn’t even know why.

Greetings Everyone,

Dragon Heart here. This is a post that I wrote in response to a “yahoo answers” Question in 2008. Here is the Answer I wrote which I think still works well today. It also reflects the recovery I was able to gain after 10 years of working at it.

Can Children of Narcissist Parents Ever Recover?

YES, you can recover from NPD Parents!

First of all you need to learn about recovery and what recovery really is.

There is 12 step recovery and then there is therapy and then there is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or “Tapping” is a technique to relieve  emotional disstress and clear the issues that are stuck), and there is the Recovery Model in the mental health field.