November 23, 2005

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Our time together began with a wave

From the top of a hill near my home

A spontaneous walk, an agreement to kiss

Oh my, how the time has flown


Our passion was endless in those early days

And weíve found that again and again

But now itís a weapon in these foolish games

And my sword is too brittle to bend


As the waves of my feelings for you ebb and flow

Mythic love has exacted its price

Youíre my lover, my muse, my nightmare, my dream

But my heart is now turning to ice


As our love clock winds down with the cruelty of time

I remember the warmth of our glow

Youíve given me gifts I could not have forseen

I've learned things I did not wish to know


I posture with strength, and with sanity

I break down when Iím feeling alone

As I question your motives and what I perceive

And look for the me Iíve become


As the waves of my feelings wash over me

And come crashing break onto my shores

Youíre my lover, my teacher, my nightmare, my dream

But my soul cannot take any more