Stillwater Sounds

August 28, 2006

Copyright 2006 ©


The cricketsí chirps are slowing down

Days grow shorter, but Iíve found

That agony can lead to bliss

Each breath I breathe enforces this

The riverboats still blow their horns

Off in the distance, so forlorn

Yet charming, like this town I dwell

The place I came to know you well

The moaning of the far off train

Brings forth sweet thoughts of you again

But no manís arms now hold me tight

Through this lullaby of night

The beating of my anxious heart

Which nearly tore my soul apart

Thumps surely with each waking dawn

It is a fact, Life does go on

The murmur of my inner thoughts

Sifting through these lessons brought

No longer cause cacophony

For I have found a deeper peace

I clink my glass to time well spent

Acknowledging what Love has lent

To realizing what it means

Believing things that canít be seen

When church bells chime their call to prayer

I ponder those who will not hear

The soft sound of this butterfly

Whose now dry wings will lift her high