I visited the San Diego Zoo for my birthday this year.  While my friend and I were looking on at the Flamingos, something unusual happened.  All of their heads shot up at once.  Their alarm was obvious.  I commented to my friend that their behavior was strange as they began to squawk and pace about in their habitat.

My friend suggested that it might be their feeding time so we meandered up the path a bit and stood on a small bridge over where their food would be delivered.  When my friend answered that the bridge didn’t normally sway, I knew we were in an earthquake.  It was a fairly sizable one, at that, and it lasted for nearly a minute.

The earthquake wasn’t destructive, here in San Diego, but a 7.2 quake is not trivial.  I couldn’t help remembering some of my writings about my narcissistic encounter.  I described it as being at the epicenter of a significant  earthquake.

As the day continued, I pondered the heightened awareness to danger that the birds possessed.  Their instincts are honed for survival.

If my university psychology text was accurate, the only instinct humans are born with is the fear of falling.  Everything else, we must learn.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we were born with instincts that allowed us to sense the danger of proximity to a Narcissist?

From experience and through analysis after the fact, my awareness about Narcissistic behavior has been elevated.  My main tests are these:

  1. Does the person constantly seek to be the center of attention or demand respect they haven’t earned?
  2. Do they always need to be right?
  3. Do they resort to non-specific accusations when they aren’t getting what they want?
  4. Do they use verbal force when their opinions are opposed?
  5. Do they excuse  their bad behavior without apologizing or taking responsibility?
  6. Do they consistently avoid answering direct questions directly?
  7. Does my stomach churn after interacting with them?

My list isn’t scientific, by any means, but if it helps one of my readers to identify something that they may have been missing, I’m glad.  There is little data available about Narcissists because they do not seek to be cured.  Those who have been involved with a Narcissist are the ones who wind up in therapy.